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Hiking for Health with the South Coast Striders

"I have two doctors, my left leg and my right"

                                                      ---G. M. Trevelyan


The South Coast Striders is a hiking group which plans and delivers free hikes in cooperation with the Bay Area Hospital, and the Coos County Women's Health Coalition.  We are just a bunch of hikers who hike regularly and welcome others to come along.


For information or to receive notification of upcoming hikes - send email to


Go to the schedule page for a list of the current year hikes.


Things you should consider before you begin hiking:


  • Not everyone is ready for the physical demands of hiking.  We suggest that everyone consult their physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.
  • The American Heart Association offers the following guidelines for people who are starting or increasing their level of exercise.
  • You may need to build up your physical stamina before attempting our hikes.
  • The Coos County Women's Health Coalition offers some guides for starting and building a healthy walking habit.


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Other Resources for new South Coast Striders Participants:

New Participants Guide

Full 2016 Schedule (includes completed hikes)

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