Trail Guide


Blossom Gulch









0.4 –1 mile (one way),

3 mile (one way),

3.5 mile (one way


Easy               Moderate






From US 101 in Coos Bay, head west on Elrod Avenue for seven blocks and turn south on 10th Street to Blossom Gulch School, located one block down on left hand side.  Park in visitor spaces at the south end of the Blossom Gulch parking lot.  During school hours, please check in at the office first.  Trail begins along the northwest edge of ball field on the western side of the school.


Setting and Attractions:


The Blossom Gulch Nature Trail explores the connection between the upland and wetland parts of the Mill Slough Watershed.  As you hike along the trail see how many wetland trees, shrubs, birds, animals and aquatic insects you can spot.  A Blossom Gulch "Wetlands" Nature Trail Activity Book is on reference in our library to help you and your family learn more about our outdoor environment.  The trail is open to the public year round.


Trail Description:


A forest of beautiful trees and green foliage make this trail a pleasure to walk along.  There are several side trails to Blossom Gulch stream.  This wonderful nature walk is marked with side logs and has a log observation area overlooking a wooden walkway.  A gazebo was built for outdoor class sessions.


For more information, trail conditions and maps contact: Blossom Gulch Elementary School at (541)267-1341 or visit their web site at