Things you should consider before you begin hiking:


  • Not everyone is ready for the physical demands of hiking.  We suggest that everyone consult their physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.
  • The American Heart Association offers the guidelines below for people who are starting or increasing their level of exercise.
  • You may need to build up your physical stamina before attempting our hikes.
  • The Coos County Women's Health Coalition offers some guides for starting and building a healthy walking habit.


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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire  -  Please read carefully and answer each one honestly:


These questions are not intended to replace the advice of a physician.


If one or more of the items below describe your current condition, you must seek a physician’s advice to determine if you are fit enough to begin the kind of vigorous physical activity involved in South Coast Striders hikes.


  • I have a heart condition and my healthcare professional recommends only medically supervised physical activity.
  • During or right after I exercise,  I often have pains or pressure in my neck, left shoulder or arm.
  • I have developed chest pain within the last month.
  • I tend to lose consciousness or fall over due to dizziness.
  • I feel extremely breathless after mild exertion.
  • My healthcare provider recommended that I take medicine for high blood pressure or a heart condition.
  • I have bone or joint problems that limit my ability to do moderate-intensity physical activity.
  • I have a medical condition or other physical reason not mentioned here that might need special attention in an exercise program.
  • I am pregnant and my healthcare professional hasn’t given me the OK to be physically active.
  • I am over 50 and have not been physically active for a year or more.

Release from Liability Sample


The following statement is part of our sign in process for each hike.

Everyone is required to sign this release in order to participate.



Release from Liability  and Assumption of Risk


I am aware that South Coast Strider activities like the one I am signing up for are potentially dangerous, that accidents can happen, and that illness can occur in remote places.


In consideration of being permitted to join and participate in this South Coast Striders activity, I do for myself, my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns (or, if applicable, as a parent or legal guardian of a minor), assume all risks associated with this activity and traveling to and from the activity, and release and discharge the South Coast Striders, their officers, volunteers and sponsors from all liability for any and all loss, damage or claim on account of property damage, death or bodily injury to me, my minor child or minors for whom I am legal guardian, caused by the act or failure to act of the South Coast Striders, their officers, volunteers, agents or sponsors.


I hereby certify that I am in good physical and mental condition and am able to safely participate in this activity.  I hereby consent to receive emergency medical treatment, at my own expense, which may be deemed necessary in the event of injury, accident or illness during this event.   I will additionally permit the use of my name and pictures in broadcasts, telecasts, newspapers, websites, brochures, etc.


I have read and understand the above and voluntarily affix my signature below.

South Coast Striders